Join us for 5 hours of professional development for $25.00 CAD!

June 25th, 2022 - 9:00am - 3:30pm (PST)

  • An Event to Inspire

    Our speakers are experts with diverse backgrounds and direct experience working within Early Years Settings. This year we are so fortunate to have speakers who not only talk the talk but also walk the walk in the meaningful work they do. They are truly inspiring.

  • A Chance to Recharge

    Often times we focus on children without taking a moment to reflect on ourselves and how we can recharge. Our focus this year is on supporting adults and helping children thrive. Our speakers will share information that is helpful for both educators and the children they care for.

  • A Balanced Approach

    Can't attend the live? We understand that educators are busy. We will take attendance at the live event but also can verify your attendance through our platform if you choose to access the recordings until July 25, 2022. So register now to reserve your spot!

A quick message from the organizer!

If you register now you can attend the live or take the self pace option for up to 30 days after the live event!

Our theme this year:

Supporting adults and helping children thrive.

June 25th 2022


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Meet Our Presenters!

Below you will find the name, bio and websites of each of our presenters along with the title and a description of their presentation.

Early Years Consultant

Julie Hansen

I have been an Early Childhood Educator for 20 years, having received my Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Douglas College. Since then, I have gained experience in a variety of areas within the field of Early Childhood Education: Director of a preschool, supervisor of after-school care as well as 3-5 and Infant Toddler programs and centre management. My primary focus has evolved to encompass team leadership, management training and program development. I have had articles published in provincial and national ECE journals on the topic of emergent curriculum and leadership. My goal as an Early Childhood Educator and facilitator is to support fellow educators and early years professionals in providing high-quality early learning experiences for children and families.

Creating a Healthy Outlook as an Educator


Looking at ways to establish a work-life balance that is sustainable. How do you incorporate moments of self-care within your day to avoid weariness, fatigue and feeling frazzled? Creating strategies that support your overall well-being as an educator now and for years to come

Presented by Julie Hansen.

Want to learn more about Julie? Check out their website and social media.


Owner and founder of Honoring Childhood

Samuel Broaden

Samuel is an early childhood advocate and trainer who has been in the field for 16 years. He has taught in every age group and has been a Director and Quality Coach. He strives to help adults offer children supportive environments where they can discover who they truly are. Website: Instagram: HonoringChildhood Podcast: Honoring Childhood

Allowing Children to Be Themselves: How We Can Support ALL Children in our Programs in Discovering Who They Are


We will discuss how to create an environment where children are free and encouraged to discover who they are. A space that welcomes all and supports ALL children. We will discuss gender identity, weapon/risky play, saying yes to children and more!

Presented by Samuel Broaden.

Want to learn more about Samuel? Check out their website and social media.


Podcast: Honoring Childhood

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Drew Harms

Drew is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and early childhood educator. She has her bachelors in early childhood education and masters in counselling psychology. She has worked as an infant development consultant and supported child development consultant and is now a counsellor in Ladner British Columbia offering individual counselling, couples counselling, children's play therapy and parent coaching.

Supporting your Mental Health as an Early Childhood Educator. Taking Care of Yourself to Help Children Thrive


The children in your care cannot thrive if you are struggling. If you are feeling burnt out and stressed, this directly impacts how you show up for children. Your mental health matters! Learn the importance of your mental health and ways to support yourself and the children in your care.

Presented by Drew Harms. 

Want to learn more about Drew? Check out her website and social Media. 


Meet the Organizer

Also speaking at this event.

Owner and founder of Early Years Thriving

Ana Valle Rivera

Ana Valle Rivera is the Founder of Early Years Thriving (formerly known as Early Years Workshops). Ana has a diploma in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor in Child and Youth Care, and is currently completing a Master of Professional Education. Ana's main purpose with her training is to inspire positive change in the early years by helping adult caregivers to think about the ways in which they can help their children thrive.

Supporting Families


We can't always know what adversity children and families have faced in the past or currently face in their daily lives. Ana will share information on stress, adversity, and trauma along with trauma-informed care approaches to support adult learning. In this presentation, Ana shares experiences as an educator and a parent of little ones to bridge how we as caregivers can best support various families.

Presented by Ana Valle Rivera

Want to learn more about Ana? check out her website and social media.


Cant attend the live?

No problem, check out FAQ below to learn about other options to participate!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I log onto the live event?

    Participants will need to create an account and pay upon registration. Please register using the name you want on your certificate. Remember to save your password. You will need it to sign in, get your certificate and view the recordings. Participants will get a reminder email with log-in instructions 24-48 hours before the live event.

  • What technology do I need?

    Participants will need a laptop or computer with video, audio and reliable internet connection. Tablets, smartphones, and other small devices can be used but may limit functionality. To confirm attendance and maximize participation, participants are strongly suggested to keep their cameras on during the event and participate in the chat.

  • Can I get a receipt?

    Once you have registered and paid you will receive a confirmation page, confirmation email and receipt. If you need a more detailed receipt please contact the organizer directly.

  • What happens if I am late or miss the live event?

    If you attend the live event you must attend all the sessions in full. Attendance will be taken throughout the day at each session. If you are more than 10 minutes late to a session you may not be allowed in. If you miss the event there is an option to watch the recording, see the FAQ below.

  • Can I record or will there be a recording?

    Participants are not allowed to take photos, screenshots, record or distribute any portion of the live event. Early Years Thriving will record the event and provide participants access to the recording until July 25, 2022. Participants will get an email when the recordings are uploaded (1-2 business days after the live event). To be able to access the recordings you must be registered for this event before the registration closes on June 24, 2022.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    Certificates of completion will be available within 24-48 hours after the event is completed and attendance is verified. Participants will receive an email with instructions on how to download their certificates. Participants are responsible for downloading their own certificates but help is also available.

  • Will I get a certificate if I watch the recording?

    Participants can obtain a certificate for watching the recording/self-paced option. If you choose this route please ensure you go through each of the recordings and material in full. We have the ability to verify your participation using our software.

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